Magnifica Air

Magnifica Air

Luxury Travel on Demand

With Magnifica Air, the journey becomes a destination in itself.

From the moment you step aboard our aircraft, the inviting cabins and lavish custom designed interiors will give guests an experience like never before. With details from personalized china, to monogrammed textiles, and everything in between, no detail is too small with Magnifica Air.

Our fleet offers superior cabin space and is equipped to meet your every need. Whether you are planning a solo business trip, an in-flight business meeting, or an unplanned escapade or party, Magnifica Air's team delivers a customizable, seamless, and efficient travel experience.


The Program

The experience starts before you step onto your plane, it is enjoyed in-flight, and appreciated upon arrival at your destination.

Whether it is a one-time trip or a regular occurence, Magnifica Air offers exclusive membership options to fit your specific needs. Our membership provides access to its fleet of aircraft specially outfitted with amenities from leading luxury brands.


The Aircraft

Magnifica Air aircraft are carefully designed to offer premier comfort and sophistication for any length of the flight. Whether you require short regional flights, longer domestic flights, or international flights, Magnifica Air has the aircraft to meet every clients’ needs.