Magnifica Resort

Quiet Elegance. Bespoke Opulence.

Magnifica Resort seeks to create an experience of peaceful luxury; finding the perfect balance between quiet elegance and bespoke opulence.

Exceeding expectations with excellence (E3). At Magnifica, everything begins before you leave your home. From reservation to check out, every step of the guest's journey is cultivated to ensure they receive the best hospitality. Every moment of the guests' stay at Magnifica Resort is curated for them. From a favorite bottle of wine, a favorite pillow, to a late-night snack.

As guests walk through the hotel, they encounter the beauty and tranquility of every piece of art, sculpture, and architectural design of the building. The flow of the restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, spa services, pools, and recreational areas are all intentionally designed for every guest to have a fluid and enjoyable time.